Do Cruise Ships Have Enough Lifeboats for Everybody

As of right now, there are no strict requirements for how many lifeboats a cruise ship must have. The International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea, which is an international maritime law that governs ships, requires that every passenger vessel have enough lifeboats to accommodate 75% of the people on board. However, this … Read more

Marine Enginer

Marine engines are the heart of any vessel, and keeping them running smoothly is crucial to a safe and enjoyable boating experience. Whether you’re a recreational boater or a professional mariner, understanding the basics of marine engine maintenance is essential. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the key components of marine engines and … Read more

Platform Ship

What is a platform ship? A platform ship is a large vessel that has been specifically designed to support the construction, installation, and maintenance of offshore oil and gas platforms. Platform ships are equipped with a variety of specialized features and equipment, including cranes, helipads, living quarters, and more. Platform ships play a vital role … Read more

How Famous Is Usa Today?

USA Today is one of the most recognizable newspapers in the United States. It has a wide circulation and is read by people from all walks of life. The newspaper has been in existence for over thirty years and has won numerous awards. USA Today is also available online and on mobile devices. USA Today … Read more